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The House of Crafts invites to visit a handmade products exhibition “A Voyage in Socks”
Skolas iela 3, Ventspils

As from January 25, the House of Crafts of the Ventspils Museum (3 Skolas Street) will hold a handmade products exhibition “A Voyage in Socks”.

The exhibition “A Voyage in Socks” shows the handicrafts made by 11 craftswomen from the handmade studio “Spārni” (‘The Wings’) who have knitted more than 100 pairs of socks. Each month, the knitters knitted 1 pair of socks and each month they did it using a different knitting technique. That was the story behind the voyage in socks. And that is how you can travel without leaving your home!

The game “A Voyage in Socks” was organised by Adāmspēles (‘The Knitting Games’) and this is a knitting and crocheting game originating from a group in Facebook. The Adāmspēles were created to unite the knitters in a virtual environment and make it easier to get through the pandemic while staying at home. The founder of the Adāmspēles is Guna Pigita – a Spain-based knitter who even owns her own knitting studio in Madrid, while the idea to create “A Voyage in Socks” belongs to Lāsma Āboliņa. There are other skilful knitters taking part in the project – Grieta Gundare and Maija Gotvonī from the knitting school ‘Grieta Knits’, Aivita Heniņa from the creative house “Latvietes Pūrs”, Canada-based Latvian designer Baiba Jautaiķe and director of the folklore art studio “Irbi” Baiba Pilāne.

The exhibition in the House of Crafts will be opened until the end of February.The Ventspils Museum

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08:00-18:00 (1,2,3,4,5)

10:00-16:00 (6,7)

10:00- 15:00  (National holidays)



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