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Publish date 13.11.2023

Ventspils Science Centre VIZIUM has prepared a special Christmas “tree” offer for kindergarten groups, classrooms and children of company employees “Visiting the VIZIUM Enchanted Forest Elves”, while collectives are invited to unite in “VIZIUM Elves’ Fun Christmas Activities”.

During the festivities, the terrace of the Ventspils Science Centre VIZIUM will be transformed into an Enchanted Forest, creating a special atmosphere and a beautiful environment for children to conjure up a fabulous Christmas “tree”. Kindergarten groups, classrooms and children of company employees will be welcomed by the entertaining VIZIUM elves with fun and creative activities and tasks. The Christmas activity “Mystery Box of the Enchanted Forest” will be offered to educational groups, and “Clues Hidden in the Enchanted Forest” to the children of company employees, where VIZIUM elves will engage the children in fun games and together perform various thematic tasks to solve the mysteries of the Enchanted Forest.

  • Mystery Box of the Enchanted Forest (90 min)

Christmas is just around the corner, but the keys to the mystery gift box are missing! To find them, children will have to work hard together with the entertaining elves, doing various fun tasks and activities that will lead them step by step to opening the gift box, but… it turns out that the gift box is hiding a coded Christmas task…

  • Clues Hidden in the Enchanted Forest (90 min)

The trees of the Enchanted Forest are quite sad because they want to get all dressed up for the festive season, but the elves can’t help, because the trees of the Enchanted Forest can only be decorated with special ornaments, and what they are… no one knows! That’s why the elves will invite children to search for the secret clues that will be revealed by completing special tasks. The search for the secret clues will test the children’s amusement, patience, musicality and ingenuity. Will the children, together with the VIZIUM elves, be able to discover the secret ingredients of the Enchanted Forest tree decorations?

Both activities for children take place outdoors on the VIZIUM terrace, which will be transformed into the Enchanted Forest during the festivities, so please make sure you dress appropriately for the weather! At the end of the event, VIZIUM elves can distribute gift packs to the children (gifts/sweets should be arranged by the kindergarten/school/company representative).

Representatives of companies, organisations and institutions have the opportunity to register their employees for a great team-building event “VIZIUM Elves’ Fun Christmas Activities”, where VIZIUM Elves will challenge the company team with various fun tasks to find out which team stands out with well-thought-out tactics and strong planning skills in order to gain a leading position in an adventurous competition! The event for adults will take place in the VIZIUM conference room.

Each of the Christmas activities can only be booked at the times indicated:

  • 12 December to 4 January:
    • Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00 and 18:00.
    • Sunday: 9:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00.

For both the children’s and the adults’ Christmas event, the number of participants per group is 10 – 30 persons. The length of the event is 90 minutes. The fee per person is EUR 8.54. To book your Christmas event at VIZIUM, please fill in the form here: www.adre.se/pieteiktsvetkus. Places are limited – you can only book your chosen festive activity at the times indicated.

More information about VIZIUM events by tel.: 66776633, by e-mail: [email protected], on VIZIUM social networks (@viziumventspils), as well as on the website www.vizium.lv.

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