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Science and Innovation Centre VIZIUM mission is to spread knowledge of physics, nature, interaction of substances, sound and light in an easily-to-understand manner, and to deepen understanding of science and its all-encompassing nature throughout different target audiences.

VIZIUM means: “V” for Ventspils, “I” for innovations, “ZI” for science, and “um” for centre (centrum) and it symbolises the vision, mission, value, communication, determination, efficiency, and identity. The author of this idea is the local resident Aleksandrs Bobrovs.

Interactive educational exhibition halls, 80 interactive exhibits, science shows, laboratories, conference rooms, classes and tech creative workshops will be available in the Centre of Science, that can be attended to study physics, chemistry and other natural sciences

The aim of the chosen exhibits is to awaken interest of children and youth in information technology and natural sciences from an early age and to contribute to a better understanding of the development of physics, engineering sciences, technologies and processes that occur in nature. The exhibits are both educational and interactive and are included in education and training programs as an important part of subject learning.

The exposition of the Science Center is divided into seven different galleries: Smart Technology Gallery, Simulators, Geography and World Gallery, Human and Self-Perception Gallery, Physics and Mathematics Gallery, Children’s Gallery and also Healthy Lifestyle Gallery.

Science Center offer

  • Exhibition hall (Creative workshops and science shows are for a separate fee):
    • Adult 15,00 EUR / 14 EUR + 100 VENTI
  • Creative workshops (60 min)
  • Science show (20 min)
  • Student excursions:
    • In addition to visiting the exhibition hall, the class has the opportunity to visit technical creative workshops as well as audiovisual workshops within the “Latvian school bag” program. Any excursion must be booked in advance: https://vizium.lv/excursions.
  • The Science Center offers the opportunity to organize a birthday party with various activities in the exhibition hall, as well as creative activities in the workshops. The event must be booked in advance.
    • 120 EUR/h up to 10 persons (for each additional person + 5 EUR)
  • Corporate events for team building.
    • For spending fun time with colleagues, doing various attractive activities.
  • The conference hall can be used as a whole, with a capacity of up to 120 people, or divided into 3 independent parts for smaller event formats.
    • Tickets:
      • Up to 40 persons – EUR 200.00 per hour.

Main activities of Science and Innovation Centre:

  • Thematic exhibitions of Science Centre
  • Education by interest in digital competencies
  • Development of digital competencies for students and teachers
  • Career education and development of professional competencies

Main educational programs:

  • Natural sciences
  • Smart technologies
  • Physics and Mathematics
  • Geography and the World
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Human self-exploration

Planned events for target group involvement:

  • Development of educational and training programs for students in the fields of ICT and STEM, especially in the field of technology, natural sciences and engineering sciences.
  • Educational and training programs for teachers, aimed at development of such school environment values as curiosity, innovation and entrepreneurship, additionally teaching ICT and STEM subjects with the aim of increasing knowledge, skills and competencies as a whole.
  • Technologically creative workshops and seminar programs
  • Laboratory of prototyping for school students with thematic workshops in the field of ICT and STEM – reinforcing the diversity of the educational process by increasing practical tasks, including use of equipment for the creation of a real product.
  • Laboratory work and scientific show programs.
  • Outside events and seminars for students, children and families. Creation of family school with intention of collaborative learning and strengthening cooperation between children and parents.
  • Usage of exhibits in conjunction with educational programs to popularise ICT and STEM.
  • Seminars, extracurricular activities, science camps to promote ICT, STEM, entrepreneurship and innovations, providing the necessary raw materials.

*STEM is an educational approach to studies, combining science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Interesting facts:

The façade of the Science Centre (the author of the idea – Audrius Ambrasas) is made of glass and copper finishing sheets. In order to ensure that copper does not lose its dark golden shine, the sheets are treated with a special technology method, which was used for the first time in Latvia.

On the floor of the Science Centre lobby, which is made as a round globe, a world map with area of 365 m2 is created, consisting of more than 600,000 pieces of Murano glass tiles. n the centre of the map – Ventspils city, under which a capsule with a message to the next generations is embedded.

Building parameters of VIZIUM Centre:

  • Total area: 6270 m2
  • Floors in the building: 5
  • Number of parking spaces: 153
  • Planned number of visitors per year: 80,000


Science and innovation center “VIZIUM” wins 1st place in the competition “Energy-efficient building in Latvia 2022”

2022. gada On 11 March 2022, the Science Centre VIZIUM won the Latvian Construction Year Award 2021 – first place in the category “PUBLIC BUILDING – NEW BUILDING”.

2022. On September 22, 2012, in the “Most Energy Efficient Building in Latvia 2022” competition announced by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development and the Latvian Construction Engineers Union, the building of the Ventspils Innovation and Science Center “VIZIUM” won the award-winning 1st place in the nomination “The Most Energy Efficient Public Building in Latvia 2022”

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