Publish date 29.05.2023

On 17 May Ventspils Tourism Information Centre together with a representative of Stena Line went on a cooperation visit to Nynäshamn, Sweden, to meet the Nynäshamn Tourism Information Centre.

During the visit, Ventspils tourism offer was presented and discussions were held on cooperation opportunities to promote Ventspils as a tourist destination through the Stena Line ferry line Ventspils – Nynäshamn, as well as to increase knowledge and learn about the tourist attractions and services available there. As part of the cooperation promotion trip, tourism material was exchanged and information about Nynäshamn is already available in the Ventspils Tourism Information Centre (in English).

The Nynäshamn Tourism Information Centre is also due to visit Ventspils later this year to introduce the city’s most popular tourist attractions and other interesting tourism services.

Stena Line ferries run 24 times a week, so it is important that information about Ventspils is available both on board and at the Nynäshamn Tourism Information Centre, so that tourists can familiarise themselves with the tourist services and attractions offered in Ventspils and Nynäshamn before or during their trip. Ferries transport passengers and vehicles. The ferries have different types of cabins, a shop, a quick-service restaurant and a bar, and the journey takes 8.5 hours.

In Ventspils, the Stena Line ferry terminal is located at Dārzu iela 6, right next to the Ventspils Tourism Information Centre. In Nynäshamn, ferries depart from the new Norvik terminal (Norviks färjeterminal, Norvikvägen 26, 149 45, Nynäshamn, Sweden), located 4 km (10 minutes) from the centre of Nynäshamn, while the Nynäshamn Tourism Information Centre is located at Fiskargränd 5, 149 30 Nynäshamn, Sweden.

Nynäshamn has more than 13,000 inhabitants, and although interest in the area as a potentially useful port grew from the mid-19th century, Nynäshamn only started to develop with the opening of Stockholm’s railway station in 1901. From Nynäshamn to Stockholm there is a train every 30 minutes and the journey takes 55 minutes. Stockholm is just under 60 kilometres from Nynäshamn. Tickets can be bought using a contactless card or by downloading the ‘SL-Reseplanerare och biljetter’ app. Today, the town is well known as one of the places on the Swedish mainland with ferries to the Visby island of Gotland and regular routes to Gdansk in Poland, Rostock in Germany, Hanko in Finland and excursions to other Swedish islands. During the summer months the port is full of boats of all sizes and bustling with visitors and locals alike, it is a very popular destination for Swedes of all ages during the summer months. Life in Nynäshamn is generally relaxed, unlike the hustle and bustle of Stockholm. The surrounding nature and the sea provide plenty of photo opportunities. Website for tourist information: https://nynashamn.se/uppleva/for-visitors

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