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Publish date 10.02.2023

Ventspils Communal Administration has successfully concluded a construction tender for the development and supervision of a construction project for the construction of an active leisure cycling park in the area of Reņķa Garden.

The cycling park will feature two pump tracks of different sizes, a gravel adventure cycling track and several recreation areas. A pump track is a popular active recreation infrastructure facility in Latvia and worldwide for cyclists, scooters, rollerbladers and skateboarders of all levels and ages. The cycling park will be divided into 3 difficulty levels:

  • Main track – This will be a unique facility at world level – the first cycle track with an integrated tunnel where two track lines will intersect. The track will be built to the highest industry standards to accommodate international competitions.
  • Beginners’ track – A separate track for children and beginners will be built alongside the main track. It will have a lower difficulty level.
  • Adventure track – The third track will be a gravel adventure track. It will include various modular wooden and metal elements simulating urban obstacles such as stairs, potholes and narrow curbs. This track will give younger cyclists the opportunity to learn the skills they need to safely start participating in urban traffic.

The Ventspils Communal Administration has decided on the winner of the tender and, according to the contract, the construction design will be developed within 4 months, with the construction of the cycling park expected to start in the second half of this year.

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