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Publish date 04.10.2023

On 14 October at 16.00, the Song Ensemble “Ventiņ” invites you to a 35th anniversary concert at the Ventspils Culture Centre. The Ensemble, rich in traditions, is unique in that it has promoted Latvian values – the inheritance of Ventspils local culture and language, and has preserved and popularised the unique Ventiņ dialect.

The anniversary celebration invited former ensemble leaders, members, cooperation partners and friends – “Ventspils Blūmīzeristi”, vocal ensemble “Ķipari”, folklore group “Laipa”, Puze folklore group “Sītava”, Užava vocal ensemble “Saiva”, Pope folklore group “Pūnika”, Tārgale folklore group “Kāndla”, Piltene folklore group “Pill-tīn”, Livonian song ensemble “Rāndalist”, vocal ensemble “Rudens roze” and women’s senior choir “Ziemeļzvaigzne”.

“Ventiņ” say: “(in Ventiņ dialect) You can still hear the Ventiņ dialect here, as there still are people here who speak it. We are proud of it, we tell and sing about our lives. Today we are the only ensemble in Latvia and the world that sings in the Ventiņ language. We will celebrate our 35th anniversary on 14 October and invite people from Ventspils to visit us”.

“Ventiņ” began as an ensemble in 1978, when a group of wives and husbands who wanted to sing came together. Ināra Salava was its first leader. In 1993, Regīna Lapsiņa took over the leadership. Under her leadership, the repertoire of the group included old Ventiņ songs and legends. The Ensemble changed its musical direction and became a song ensemble. In 2000, the Ensemble’s varied repertoire was taken care of by the directors Marita Koha and Rasma Petmane. Since 2006 the Ensemble has been led by Dina Bāne, and since 2021 by Ilga Porniece. The Ensemble has taken part in various events and concerts in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, several “Baltica” festivals and this year in the XXVII Latvian Song Festival.

The anniversary concert is free of charge. The event is supported by the Ventspils State City Municipality.

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