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Publish date 06.04.2023

On Saturday, 6 May at 11:00, in the Adventure Park, the traditional exciting bike ride will mark the opening of the summer tourism and cycling season in Ventspils. In Latvia, this year is marked by the Latvian Song and Dance Festival, so the bike ride will take place under an appropriate motto – ‘Velodance’. Therefore, we invite the participants to think about the visual design of their bicycles and clothing, decorate their bicycles and choose clothing with national elements (white shirts, themed hats or wreaths, skirts for women, and accompany the ride with loud songs). As usual, the cyclists with the most interesting decorations will receive special prizes!

Two tracks will be available: a children’s track of 2.1 km and a track of 8.6 km.

The start to children under the age of 7 for the distance of 2.1 km will be given at 10:15. Gathering point: main entrance to the Adventure Park. After finishing the distance, children will receive a special voucher for the use of one Adventure Park attraction of their liking.

In the finish area, all participants will receive not only a certificate and a sticker, but also a special voucher for the participation in a bike raffle. The largest groups will receive a separate prize – a certificate of appreciation.

This large-scale kick-off event will be complemented by various activities organised by the Ventspils Cultural Centre. At the starting line, all participants will be cheered up by the brass ensemble Ventspils Brass. On the bike track, Latvian folk songs will be played, while drummers will be greeting the participants at the finish line. The concert will feature the performance by the band Windy Temper from Ventspils.

The youngest cyclists will be able to enjoy fun activities in the Adventure Park together with the Bee and the Ladybug.

Safety comes first!

Please keep in mind that all participants are required to wear a helmet to prevent severe injuries during the ride. No cyclist is immune to making accidental mistakes. Between a scratched and cracked helmet and a head injury, choose the former one! In addition, the law requires all children under the age 12 to wear a helmet.

The event is organised within the European Union project No. ‘Measures for the Promotion of Public Health and Disease Prevention in Ventspils’. The project aims at encouraging the individuals to change their health habits and to improve the availability of health promotion and disease prevention services to the residents. The project activities include the promotion of physical activities, healthy diet, and mental health.

For more information, visit the website of the State City of Ventspils: www.ventspils.lv.

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