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Publish date 06.04.2023

On 15 April at 18:00, the ethno-pop music ensemble Tautumeitas invites you to the penultimate concert of their tour at the Theatre House Jūras vārti, presenting their latest album entitled Skrejceļš.

The album Skrejceļš was released in April of last year, and it was created together with the long-time music producer of the band, Reinis Sējāns, Swedish producer Povel Olsson (who has worked with the band Brainstorm), and Arnis Račinskis. The album features 14 songs, including ‘Muoseņa’, ‘Guli guli’, ‘Panama’, and ‘Mežā’.

“The latest album is like a messenger of freedom and inspiration that has been developing within the ensemble since the release of their first album. New music styles, genre combinations, and unusual ethno-music gems come together in this album, creating the feeling that arises when airplane engines are switched on the runway,” says Asnate Rancāne, a member of the ensemble.

In February, Tautumeitas received the Latvian Record of the Year award Zelta mikrofons for their latest achievement, which was recognized as the best folk or world music album. The first part of the concert tour was held last autumn, stopping in nine Latvian cities, but the presentation of the album Skrejceļš will continue in the spring, with the tour’s penultimate concert taking place on 15 April at the Theatre House Jūras vārti. The ensemble Tautumeitas was established 2015 and has released four studio albums so far.

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