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Publish date 29.11.2022

In order to prepare for the month of the longest nights of the year, on Sunday, 4 December, the talented voice impersonator and storyteller Raitis Zapackis will visit the Children’s Town at 11:00 AM and the Children’s park “Fantāzija” at 3:00 PM.

During the event, children will have the opportunity to enjoy a puppet theatre and to listen to songs from various stories, unusual stories, and the traditional Christmas carols. The event will also include various activities to keep everyone warm, as well as quizzes, and collective reading of fairy-tales.

Raitis Zapackis has been working for the television for 25 years, including as a director, video editor, sound director, and voice actor. He has been working for Latvian Radio 3 “Klasika” for 20 years and also as a musician and host of events and concerts. For many years, he has been collaborating with Latvian Language Agency in recording learning materials. During the Covid pandemic, Raitis Zapackis managed to fulfil his dream – to create wonderful non-commercial series of video stories available on social networks. Soon enough, they became popular with children around the world.

“This project has allowed me to realize how powerful the fairy-tales actually are. Dare to dream and let the fairy-tales in your lives, as no one is too old for fairy tales,” explains the storyteller.

The event is organised by the Ventspils Cultural Centre and supported by the Ventspils State City Municipality.

Admission is free is charge.

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