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Publish date 26.04.2023

On Sunday, 30 April, Jazz Day is celebrated all over the world, so at 11.00 in the Children’s Town and at 15.00 in the Children’s Park “Fantāzija”, stand-up performance “Pūt un Palaid” (Blow and Let Go) of Vairis Nartišs will take place, featuring himself, as well as students and teachers from the wind instrument departments of music schools in Talsi, Kuldīga and Ventspils.

To celebrate the Jazz Festival, students and audience members from wind instrument departments of music schools will form an improvised orchestra and perform compositions created on the spot. Musician Vairis Nartišs invites young visitors to bring their own wind instruments. Various percussion instruments will also be available on site.

The performance will feature a magnificent musical instrument – the trombone, as well as a unique four-metre long alp horn and a subcontrabass trumpet invented and built by Vairis Nartišs. The performance will also use a recorder flute, which is played with the nose, as well as an instrument made of a carrot, which is built in front of the audience, and other household objects such as a garden hose, a drill and a watering can. The audience will be entertained with toys – a trombone bunny and a talking hamster.

Vairis Nartišs is one of the best Latvian trombonists, who is also a composer and inventor of instruments. He is the first Baltic metal wind instrument player to become an official artist for the legendary wind instrument manufacturer Vincent Bach. He has also set up a youth support programme where young Latvian musicians can get musical instruments.

Admission is free is charge.

The event is organised by the Ventspils Culture Centre and supported by the Ventspils State City Municipality.

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