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/Agris Daņiļevičs/

Concert performance – a tribute to love. Love cannot be told. It can be experienced, hurt, made happy, sung, danced. We each have our own Love, our own dream of love and the path to it.

Choreographer Agris Danilevičs has surprised his friends and fans of talent in the midst of his anniversary year! He is ready to reveal another of his passions, which he has kept secret until now – a call to express his feelings, his thoughts, longings and experiences in the lines of poetry.

Agra Danilevich’s poetry dedicated to love will resonate with dance, rhythms of passionate Spanish music and poignant lyrics. Music, dance and song will dance and sing love stories without telling them.

The concert will feature songs from Federico García Lorca and Manuel de Falla cycles, Isaac Albéniz piano suite, Federico Moreno Torroba compositions for guitar, Joaquín Rodrigo opus for guitar, piano and voice.


Agris DANIĞEVIČS –  poetry and choreography, Aleksandra ŠPITZBERGA  – voice and dance, Kristīne ŠMITE – piano, Vladimirs KUDRINS – guitar, Paulis BĀRZDIņŠ – dance

In the program:

panish chamber music, dance and poetry by Agra DANILEVIĆS in a reading by the author. Concert in one part, duration – approximately 1.5 hours.

Tickets available https://www.bilesuparadize.lv/lv/event/124625

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