Ventspils theater has decided to please its audience with the long-awaited premiere – Pēteris Pētersons “Tikai muzikants”, which will take place on December 1st  at  19.00 at the Ventspils Culture Center. In the show staged by director Vijas Draviņa, we will see well-loved and experienced actors from our city, as well as new talents.

This year, which has almost passed, has been marked in the cultural life of Latvia by the 100th  anniversary of playwright, theater director, translator and publicist Pēteras Pētersons. There have been events dedicated to the great artist’s life and work. The motto of the event is “Only Petersons”. Ventspils theater is also celebrating the 100th anniversary of the great director Pēteras Pētersons by staging the play “Only a Musician”. The show  takes the audience to the not-so-distant past – in the fall of 1944.  The roar of World War II had  spread further into Europe, but in Latvia, in the Liepāja – Tukums – Ventspils triangle, as a result of the encirclement of German troops, a territory with the conditional designation “Kurzeme katls” was formed. It is here that the events take place, in which the pianist Klavas is involved. To break a person’s soul, to destroy dreams and intentions, you don’t always need shells and war. A person simply wants to live, work and do the things he needs, he wants to love… But he is dragged into a vortex of circumstances completely independent of him. Like a grain among millstones. Catfish? Unground? The choice…  The actors of the Ventspils theater play roles in the play – Rūdolfs Punkstiņš, Laima Pruse, Arturs Grieze, Andris Lasmanis, Aija Jonāne, Jānis Birznieks, Liāna Griķe, Simona Grieze, Baiba Griķe, Baiba Jaunzeme, Mētra Zikmane and Uldis Pabērzs. Costumes and scenography – Marta Kalnava. Lights – Mareks SpruĽevits. Sound – Jānis Kraulis. Directed by Vija Draviņa. Ticket price: EUR 5.  Advance sales at the “Ticket Paradise” box office and

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