The programme features elves Ziemiņš and Ziemiņa from the Pintiķi Village (played by Atis Auzāns and Elizabete Zagorska) together with the children’s vocal ensembles from the Ventspils Cultural Centre – “Cita planēta”, “Mazā prinča planētas”, and the Ventspils Music School choir “Nošu planētas”.

Christmas season is full of miracles! Every year we experience this pre-holiday mystery anew with the anticipation of gingerbread smells, candle flames and holiday sparkle. In the distant village of “Pintiķu” it is expected differently than here! The waiting time for Christmas is special for the dwarfs Ziemiņš (Atis Auzāns) and Ziemiņš (Elizabete Zagorska). We will relive this story with songs and games together in the Great Square near the city’s main holiday tree. The children’s vocal ensembles of the Ventspils Culture Center “Mazā pričsa planėta”, “Cita planėta” and the Ventspils Music High School choir “Nošu planetėta” will help tell the story. Come and help the Dwarves light the Christmas tree, dance with your family, buy your own holiday gingerbread, meet Santa Claus and his friends. At the end, after leaving on the Christmas train, you will be able to see the decorated city and continue the celebration in the Old Town Market Square with the Gnomes and Freddy the Goat. The event is supported by the municipality of Ventspils.

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