At the end of the year, there must be a MIRACLE!

The heroes of the story must overcome danger and make a truly heroic act to find the runaway gifts and to return the holiday to the children. Dreams may come true only in a world with kind-hearted people. The interactive performance will include surprising show elements, hypnotising melodies, colourful decorations, and beautiful costumes. The adventure will feature elves, fairies, a snowman, the Ice Queen, the Old Man, etc. The heroes will have to overcome many dangers and perform a real feat to find, return gifts and holidays to children. During the performance, there will be a soap bubble show, an ice Krio performance and magic tricks. Salavecis will carefully follow this Christmas story and will also deliver the long-awaited gift. Organized by SIA “YOU ARE EVENTS Liepāja” in the ticket sales network “Biļešu servisss”

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