Playwright – Roman Dolžanskis (translated from German by Inga Rozentāle)

directed by  – Viesturs Meikšāns
Jūlija – Ieva Segliņa
Žans – Lauris Dzelzītis
Kristīne – Anete Krasovska
Tomass – Kārlis Arnolds Avots

Costume designer – Ilze Vītoliņa
Composer – Bernadete Tarra (Bernadett Tarr)
Lighting artist – Māra Vaļikova
Age restriction:  12+

August Strindberg’s play started the movement of Naturalism in theatre, and it is still a passionate story about femininity and its untamed nature. At that time, at the end of the 19th century, Strindberg shocked the European audience with the courage to speak about the baser instincts of human nature, which had not disappeared anywhere in the era of modernity. Behind external declarations of gender equality   hid unconscious consequences – the uncontrollable drives of human nature manifested themselves in the inability to create true intimacy, and a hypocritical return to the shackles of patriarchal society did not bring comfort either.

The new version of the playwright and writer Roman Dolžanski has successfully debuted at the German Theater in Berlin. The Art Theater production is based on Dolžansky’s adaptation and opens a critical view of the possibilities of manipulation of human instincts by modern communication technology.

The show at the “Jūras vārti” theater house is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the municipality of Ventspils. Organized   SIA “Kurzeme Philharmonia” Tickets are available

Tickets – “Biļešu Paradīze”.

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