On December 3 at At 15:00, the winter concert of the dance ensemble “Liedags” “Raiti rit deju soļi” will be held in the “Jūras vārti” theater house.

When the colorful leaves have left the tree branches and the first snow begins to fall on the ground, it’s time to roll out the dance steps. The members of the “Liedags” dance ensemble, from the youngest to the brave dancers of the middle generation, will dance with a colorful concert full of different emotions. The concert programs will include the senior dance group “Brīzīte” (artistic director Inga Liepiņa) and students of the Contemporary Rhythm Music Department of the Ventspils Music School (teacher Sanija Pastare). Ticket price 5 EUR Advance sale at “Bilešu paradīze” ticket offices and

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