Director Sergej Golomazov Cast: Veronika Plotnikova, Anatoly Fechin, Olga Nikulina, Rodion Kuzmin In Mexico, on the coast of the Mayan Riviera, Cancun sleeps in the golden rays of the sun, in the 70s of the last century it was only a fishing village, but today it is one of the best resorts in the world. Historians believe that the name of the city comes from the word “Kancan”, which means “snake throne” or “magical snake” in Mayan language. What can magic be today? Only the climate and the service are amazing in Cancun. And two married couples – Reme and Vicente, Laura and Pablo – have planned to enjoy a well-deserved vacation and pleasant company. They have known each other forever, get along well and travel together every year. Of course, any trip is an adventure, but hardly any of the four could have imagined what the sentimental toast and the excited Reme’s accidental confession about the hidden car key would lead to. The show is in Russian with subtitles in Latvian

Age limit: 18+

Organiser: SIA “Kurzemes filharmonija”, financed by the municipality of Ventspils.

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