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Publish date 21.03.2023

On 26 March at 11.00 in the Children’s Town and at 15.00 in the Children’s Park “Fantāzija” family event “Šūvo šūvo” will take place to celebrate the return of the birds after the cold winter months. The event is organised as part of the Liv Heritage Day.

Together we will wake up the birds with the Liv folk song “Šūvo šūvo”, as well as other Liv and Kurzeme games. We will sow bundles of nine tree branches that will help chase away sickness, quarrels and laziness, attracting health, wisdom and the joy of life. We will blush our cheeks with cranberries for beauty and guess riddles for wisdom.

The event will be hosted by Iveta and Vidvuds Medeņi, who host the Latvian Radio folklore programme “Laika Ritu Raksti” and the puzzle competition for families “Greizie Rati”, which was once voted the best youth and children’s programme.

The Year of Liv Heritage will be celebrated in Ventspils and elsewhere in Latvia to promote Latvia’s Liv roots and Liv heritage in the Latvian language. The Institute of Livs of the University of Latvia in cooperation with the Latvian National Commission for UNESCO and the Latvian National Centre for Culture has announced 2023 as the Year of Liv Heritage. Concerts, lectures, exhibitions, expeditions and various other educational events related to the Year of Liv Heritage are planned in Ventspils.

These free events are organised by the Ventspils Culture Centre with the support of the Ventspils State City Municipality.

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