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Publish date 25.05.2023

On Saturday, 3 June at 12.00, the Blue Flag will be raised for the 25th consecutive season on the beach in Ventspils. The special anniversary programme will feature a performance by the popular singer Katō, as well as creative workshops on environmental themes by students from Ventspils eco-schools. The renovated lookout tower of the rescue service will also be unveiled.

The Blue Flag is a high international recognition for a clean environment, good water quality, safety on the shore and on the water, a high level of amenities and environmental education activities organised by the municipality. The Blue Flag is awarded by the International Foundation for Environmental Education.

The flag-raising programme will also be enriched by stilt walkers from the Deltalivik association, several Ventspils eco-schools’ workshops and a practical first aid teacher Edgars Sīmanis.

The musical guest of the event, Katō, made her debut as a solo artist on 18 February 2019 with the release of the single “Es gāju par tālu” (I went too far). Nine months later, the small album “Ko mani putni ēd” (What my birds eat) was released and nominated for the Latvian Music Recording Award “Zelta mikrofonons 2020” in the category “Debut of the Year”. In autumn 2021, Katō’s full-length debut album “Es tā jūtos” (I feel like this) was released.

The Blue Flag is the world’s most popular tourism eco-certificate, widely recognised by citizens, municipalities and environmental institutions, and is one of the activities of the International Foundation for Environmental Education. In 1999, when Ventspils Beach first received the Blue Flag, it was the first Blue Flag beach in the Baltic States.

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