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Pope Church is an architectural monument of national significance and contains objects of national significance – an altar, church benches, an organ lantern, a pulpit, an entrance door portal and wings, as well as a tower clock with paintings, which is the only one in Latvia with the status of a national cultural and historical monument. The coat of arms of the Alliance of von Behr and von Medem is placed on the pediment of the baroque-style entrance portal of the Pope Church and is held by a pair of heraldic lions standing on their hind legs. Above the coat of arms – divided numbers “17” and “71”, which indicate the year of construction of the church. Larch and linden plantations have been established in the courtyard of the church, and together with the greenery of the Manor, they form a stylistically integral landscape.

The widow of Baron Ulrich Johann von Behr – Louise Charlotte von Behr – is considered to be the builder of the Pope Church, who, before moving to Ance Manor, ordered the construction of a church in Pope from the bricks burned on her farm. The Pope Church was consecrated on 7 October 1786.

The church is a stone plastered and whitewashed single-nave temple – a brick longitudinal building with a trapezoidal altar and a square tower brought to the fore with a baroque spire.

In 1770, Louise Charlotte ordered a tower clock from Ance’s watchmaker Rudolph Gizee with the inscription: Charlotta da Behr née de Medem ma lessés faire. Rud: Guisy ma fait ‘a Anzen. The clock mechanism no longer works.

1770. gadā Luīze Šarlote Ances pulksteņmeistaram Rūdolfam Gīzī pasūtīja torņa pulksteni ar uzrakstu: Charlotta da Behr née de Medem ma lessés faire. In 1879, the building and its equipment including the altar were completely rebuilt. Baron Karl Johan von Behr ordered the church to be rebuilt by installing special seats for the nobles on the right side and also a separate entrance

1879. gadā ēka un tās iekārta, tai skaitā altāris, kapitāli pārbūvēta. Barons Kārlis Johans fon Bērs licis baznīcu pārbūvēt, ierīkojot labajā pusē īpašus sēdekļus muižniekiem un arī atsevišķu ieeju. (the entrance is walled up and the seats were removed during the Latvian independence).

Above the entrance, there is an organ loft based on wooden poles with a semicircular protruding part. In 1898, an organ produced by “E.F. Walcker & Co.” was installed.

The painting “Golgotha” by an unknown professional artist is located in the central niche of the oak altar retable, which is vertically divided into three parts. The upper part of the retable is decorated with a gable with cross flowers, finials and crockets. On the left side of the retable, the coat of arms of the Alliance of von Medem and von Behr is covered by the top part of the fielded panelling decorated with appliqué Gothic ornaments. To the right of the retable, there is the coat of arms of the Alliance of von Lambsdorf and von Behr. In the post-war years, the coats of arms were damaged.

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