With the participation of the Kurzeme planning region, within the cooperation project, a new tourist route “Balts road” has been created, where Kurzeme is reminded of the ancient Curses with the route and promotes 29 tourist objects. In addition to the main route, two themed routes have been prepared: “Kursu fighter. Feel the power of Kurus!” and “Coursian places of worship. Feel the sacredness of the Curses!”

The route “Balts road” invites you to go on a legendary journey to get to know the ancient Baltic lands and their inhabitants: the brave Kuras, the mighty Zemgali and the wise Seleucids. It is made in three circles – Curonian, Semigallian and Seleucid and introduces the ancient places of residence – hillforts, the most important battle sites, holy places and mythological objects, archaeological expositions and educational programs of museums, craft centers and their artisans and reminds of important people in ancient history. The “Balts’ Road” is 2145 km long, and is further subdivided in the Couronian (~ 790 km), Semigallian (~ 620 km) and Selonian (~ 735 km) route segments.

Lejupielādei pieejama šeit: Ceļvedis “Baltu ceļš”

Galima atsisiųsti čia: Vadovas “Baltu kelias”

For downloading available here: Guidebook Balts road

Augmented Reality Keeping up with today’s trends, the guide includes an Augmented Reality solution where you need to download the GemAr application. Hopefully travelers will find the google map link useful:

Lejupielādei pieejama šeit:Maršruta “Baltu ceļš” karte

Galima atsisiųsti čia: Maršruta “Baltu ceļš” karte

For downloading available here: Maršruta “Baltu ceļš” karte


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