Photo author Margarita Zvejniece

History is made by people, so I like to study it by reading about the most notable people or their accounts of events.

I love reading the diaries of German nobility or the history of manors to understand how people lived, what they thought, what they did for us.

Besides the history of the manors, I am also interested in the path of the Orthodox churches in Latvia, especially in Kurzeme, where the Russian population was not as large as, for instance, in Latgale.

I was very surprised to learn that almost all 14 parishes of the Orthodox Church were Latvian (and even Livonian) parishes.

I propose two routes based on my interests, one to explore Ventspils by walking in the footsteps left by our most famous citizens, and the second one to explore the history of the Orthodox Church in Ventspils, which can be traced back to our castle.

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