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Publish date 16.12.2022

Ventspils Utilities Administration has been already making all preparations for the flower season of 2023 and 2024. It has already successfully concluded contracts on the delivery and arrangement of flower compositions in Ventspils with the seedling production facility SIA “Sedumi” and the Durbe-based horticulture company SIA “Pīlādži-juniors”.

For the next two years, the magnificent and immense flower pyramids, flower boxes, and flowerpots will be delivered by SIA “Pīlādži-juniors”, which will fill them with different types of flowers and plants. In accordance with the procurement, the spring, summer, and autumn flower pyramids of 2023 will be filled with 7004 flower seedlings, including pansies, chrysanthemums, ornamental cabbage, and various summer flowers, but in 2024 – with 6864 seedlings, which will result in 34 pyramids throughout the year. The horticulture company will provide flowers to 178 flower boxes and 182 suspended flowerpots in each year.

Ventspils Utility Administration has also concluded a contract with the seedling production facility SIA “Sedumi” on the delivery of 67 048 annual summer flower seedlings in 2023 that will be used to decorate flower beds, flower sculptures, and flowerpots during the summer season.

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