Publish date 16.12.2022

During this time of gifts, the Olympic Centre “Ventspils” offers the opportunity to purchase the gift cards electronically on its website www.ocventspils.lv, as well as on websites of active leisure facilities at www.lembergahute.lv, www.piedzivojumuparks.lv, www.udensparks.lv, and www.pludmalesakvaparks.lv. Gift cards purchased at any of these places can be used at all facilities of the Olympic Centre “Ventspils”.

E-gift cards are available in the value of EUR 10.00, EUR 20.00, EUR 30.00, EUR 40.00, EUR 50.00, and EUR 100.00. As for the design of the gift card, you can choose among several options.

When purchasing the gift card online, the purchaser must register to receive it electronically per e-mail or download the application. The gift card may also contain a greeting to the recipient. The gift card is valid for one year, and it can be used in parts.

E-gift cards can be purchased from anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connection, and forwarded to any person. They can also be printed and given to the recipient in person.

The gift card recipient will be able to choose where to use the gift card, e.g., to enjoy real water fun in the Water Attraction and SPA Complex, winter fun on the snow hill “Lemberga hūte”, or activities in the Adventure Park, to enjoy the summer in the Beach Water Park, or to stay at the hotel of the Olympic Centre “Ventspils” for some days. Furthermore, at the Olympic Centre “Ventspils”, the gift card recipients can also use gyms with modern equipment, climbing walls, shooting range, tennis courts, ice rink, and much more.

In the sports and leisure facilities of the Olympic Centre “Ventspils, you can also buy gift cards in paper format. They have different prices, and they are valid for 12 months.

The gift cards of the Olympic Centre will be a great gift not only for your relatives, but also for your colleagues. Company managers are also welcome to give these gift cards as presents to their employees and their families.

For more information and prices of services provided by the Olympic Centre “Ventspils”, please refer to the website www.ocventspils.lv.

Gift cards for the Water Park in the Water Attraction and SPA Complex and the hotel of the Olympic Centre “Ventspils” are available electronically at www.lieliskadavana.lv.

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