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Publish date 29.12.2022

A digital visitor counter has been installed at the nature trail of the Lake Būšnieki in Ventspils, and it operates during the peak seasons – from the spring, as it becomes warmer, until the end of the autumn season. According to the Ventspils Utilities Administration, the number of visitors has reached nearly 20 000 this year.

In July, it recorded the largest number of visitors this year, as it reached 5000. However, an unusually large number of visitors per day was recorded on 5 July – a total of 1232 visitors, breaking the all-time record. The average number of visitors during the summer season was around 3000 people per month, while during the spring and autumn season the nature trail was visited by 2200 people per month.

When planning the improvements of the infrastructure of the nature reserve “Shore of the Lake Būšnieki”, the annual visits were expected to reach 7000. However, since its inauguration, it has recorded more than 20 000 annual visits by nature lovers. Since the inauguration of the walking and cycling paths along the Lake Būšnieki, the nature trail has been visited more than 103 000 times. The human flow counting sensor is installed in such a way that forest animals are not counted. The counting range of the device is eight metres, and people are counted by means of an infrared beam.

The nature trail of the Lake Būšnieki winds around the lake with the total length of 8 km, which takes about 3 hours to walk at a slow pace. The trail is well maintained and accessible to cyclists, joggers, hiking enthusiasts, and ornithologists, including visitors in wheelchairs. A footbridge with a total length of 187 m has been installed in the marshy area of the lake. At the end of the footbridge, there is a bird watching platform with benches and an informative stand with pictures of birds one can observe around the Lake Būšnieki. To promote healthy lifestyle, 10 outdoor fitness devices for all age groups have been installed at different sections of the trail.

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