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Publish date 17.10.2023

On 22 October at 11.00 in the Children’s Town and at 15.00 in the Children’s Park “Fantāzija” Anželika Šilberga, sports teacher at Ventspils Primary School No.2, and Gunita Ofkante, sports teacher at Ventspils Secondary School No.4, invite everyone to be active during the autumn break and take part in a family and sporting event.

At the beginning of the event, all participants will warm up to music to get ready to challenge themselves in eleven different activities. From picking berries, jumping over fallen forest trees and playing a card game to identify animals without speaking. Finally, everyone will have the opportunity to take part in a musical potato harvest. . The big secret of the event will be the candy hunt, which will delight all participants.

Admission is free is charge.

The event is organised by the Ventspils Culture Centre and supported by the Ventspils State City Municipality.

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