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Publish date 13.04.2023

With the onset of warmer weather, the Ventspils Beach is being prepared for the upcoming swimming season by installing more beach equipment. According to the Ventspils Municipal Administration, this year, the swimming season will officially start on 15 May and it will last until 15 September.

In order for the visitors of the Ventspils Blue Flag Beach to enjoy their time on the well-maintained seashore, beach equipment is gradually installed on the beach which is available to visitors free of charge. By improving the beach infrastructure, the installation of entrance footbridges, wooden benches, waste bins, bicycle racks, shower facilities, public toilets, rescue equipment, and other inventory has started. In addition, both equipment and public toilets will be installed in other public swimming and recreational areas in Ventspils, such as the Būšnieki Lake, Staldzene Beach, and the recreational area at the end of the street Ābolu iela by the Venta River.

When installing beach equipment, it is the installation of wooden entrance footbridges that is the most time-consuming process, as during the winter months, due to the windy weather conditions, the entrance areas are at some places covered with sand up to 2 meters high.

Therefore, first, these layers of sand need to be removed with heavy machinery. Ventspils Beach is also accessible to people with disabilities and seniors. To ensure accessibility at the beach during the swimming season, a specialised changing cabin has been installed at entrance No. 6, with an extended entrance and a floor for easy access with a wheelchair. The changing cabin is equipped with special additional equipment – a handle and a bench. The changing cabin is equipped with special additional equipment – a handle and a bench. In order to provide the opportunity for visually impaired people to read map information about the Ventspils Beach, tactile maps will be placed at the beach entrance stands, with tactile markings incorporated into the base to facilitate information perception by touch.

With the start of the swimming season, the Beach Rescue Service operating under the Ventspils Municipality Police will also begin work at the Ventspils Beach.

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