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Publish date 08.03.2023

As reported by the Ventspils Utilities Administration, this summer, the Jungle Trails located in the Seaside Park in Ventspils and the Forest Park in Pārventa will be reconstructed, installing new certified exciting playground equipment.

Every year, the Ventspils Utilities Administration inspects 38 children’s parks and playgrounds, paying special attention to their technical condition and appearance and organising the repair of the existing equipment or the installation of new one, if necessary. Last year, new equipment was installed in playgrounds situated at the intersection of the streets Kalēju iela and Tukuma iela, and also in the central area of the Seaside Park. This year, however, both Jungle Trails in the Seaside Park and the Forest Park in Pārventa will undergo large-scale reconstruction work. It is planned to install new playground elements of different levels of difficulty.

The reconstruction of the playgrounds pertaining to both Jungle Trails will include the installation of 15 new certified playground items and creation of an area with equipment for stretching and strength exercises. The Forest Park in Pārventa will receive 8 new playground items with a set of complex obstacle and climbing net elements for children of different ages, starting from the age of 3. This new equipment will allow children to fully develop their physical, social, and cognitive abilities. Following the successful conclusion of the announced public tender for the reconstruction of the two Jungle trails in Ventspils, the improvement works of the playgrounds are expected to start already this summer.

With the safety of children in mind, each spring, the Ventspils Utilities Administration organises the inspection of equipment and training devices in all children’s parks and playgrounds, making sure they comply with the safety requirements in force and thus ensuring a safe environment for children to minimise the risk of injuries on playgrounds.

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