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Publish date 21.12.2022

  • House of Crafts (1-18 November)

Creative activity “Wherever you go, take Latvia with you!”. Do you know why Latvians pin the Latvian flag to their clothes in November? Patriotic badges workshop with drawings by Agnese Rudzīte.

  • Livonian Order Castle (15.09 – 22 November)

“Eight Red Glass Acorns” Exhibition of the Ventspils Museum collection. It features a variety of brooches, including engagement brooches as well as skirts.

  • Livonian Order Castle (11 – 26 November)

Express Exhibition “The Story of One Flag”. The flag was handed over to the Museum on 12 October 2023 by Ingrīda Priekule Andersone, a teacher at Pope Primary School. Her grandmother had kept the flag in a beehive during the Soviet years.

  • Livonian Order Castle (16.11.2023 – 20.10.2024)

On 16 November, at 17.00, a new exhibition will open at the Ventspils Museum. It will offer a glimpse into the world of fashion in Ventspils in the 1950s-1980s, when women in Ventspils kept up with the latest trends in the world, saving a special place in their wardrobe for pumps, minis, bright prints and good tailors!

Free entry to the Ventspils Museum on 18 November!

  • Livonian Order Castle Education Centre (11.11 – 18.11)

The holiday greeting of museum teacher Ilva Buntika – a card on which you can draw your own flag or a wish for someone else. Self-service workshop in the Museum’s Education Centre.

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