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Publish date 28.11.2022

Sestdien, 3. decembrī, plkst. 13.00 Pārventas bibliotēkā, Tārgales ielā 4, Ventspils fotokluba “Moments” un Rīgas fotokluba “Āgenskalns” kopīgi veidotās izstādes “Pamanīt dzelteno” atklāšanas pasākums un tikšanās ar autoriem.

It has been a year since the first joint exhibition by the photo club “Moments”, in collaboration with Riga photo club “Āgenskalns”, entitled “Spotting the Red” was opened in Ādaži Cultural Centre. In April of this year, the exhibition was on display in Pārventa Library. Both photo clubs decided to continue their collaboration and to keep creating diverse palettes of colours for everyone interested.

The representatives of the photo club “Moments” explain: “For us as photographers the main goal is to show everyone that the world is not just black and white as it might seem. There are so many colours in the world, and all of them are beautiful. The colour of the next joint exhibition was chosen by pure coincidence – one of the colleagues was carrying a yellow purse, which was bright and easy to spot. Therefore, this time, we have joined forces with our colleagues from Riga to offer you an exhibition of photographs with the dominant colour being yellow. It is a colour, which, in terms of history, has always been controversial.”

The exhibition, which is on display in Pārventa Library, will feature 50 photographs captured by 25 photographers of the photo clubs “Moments” from Ventspils and “Āgenskalns” from Riga. Admission is free of charge.

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