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Publish date 13.04.2023

Spring is in the air, and the sun shines brighter. In the upcoming weeks after winter sleep, the first bulb flowers will begin to bloom in Ventspils, and they will be in full bloom in May, according to the Ventspils Municipal Administration.

This spring, Ventspils, known throughout Latvia as the capital of flowers, will bring joy to everyone with 150 890 colourful bulb flowers blooming throughout the city. With the warm spring sun shining, the first sprouts of bulb flowers are already visible in some places, which are about to bloom in all their glory.

This rich urban decoration will be formed by 110 275 tulipsof which 16 470 are early tulips (‘Prinses Irene’, ‘Pretty Princess’, ‘White Prince’, ‘Sunny Prince’), 1000 – double early tulips (‘Monte Carlo’), 6600 – double late tulips (‘Yellow Pomponette’ and ‘Pink Star’), 34 625 – triumph tulips (‘Annie Schilder’, ‘Calgary’, ‘Calgary Flames’, ‘Don Quichotte’, ‘Leen van der Mark’, ‘Libertation’, ‘Mistress’, ‘Request’, ‘Spitsbergen’, ‘Seadov’, ‘Jan van Nes’), 16 860 – Darwin tulips (‘Apeldorn’s Elite’, ‘Daydream’, ‘Golden Apeldoorn’, ‘World Friendship’, ‘Golden Oxford’, ‘Light and Dreamy’, ‘Lighting Sun’, ‘Hakuun’), 11 000 – lily-flowered tulips (‘Ballerina’, ‘Moonblush’, ‘Tres Chic’, ‘West Point’), 1500 – multi-flowering tulips (‘Antoinette’), 1050 – botanical tulips (‘Base’), 8400 – late tulips (‘Clearwater’, ‘Blushing Lady’, ‘Big Smile’), 8400 – Greigii tulips (‘Calypso’, ‘Cape Cod’, ‘Quebec’, ‘Toronto’), 1000 – Viridiflora tulips (‘Artist’, ‘Golden Artist’), and 3370 – parrot tulips (‘Yellow Springgreen’, ‘Black Parrot’, and ‘Irene Parrot’).

In the city parks 25 155 daffodils will bloom – 9590 trumpet daffodils (‘Goblet’, ‘Dutch Master’, and ‘Mount Hood’), 10 815 large-cupped daffodils (‘Fortissimo’, ‘Cairngorm’, and ‘Carlton’), 1100 – poet’s daffodils (‘Recurvus’), and 3650 botanical daffodils (‘Botanical Mix’, ‘Lemon Sailboat’, and ‘Spring Sunshine’), 12 460 crocuses of various colours (‘Golden Yellow’, ‘Grand Maitre’, ‘Jeanne d’Arc’, ‘Large Flowering Mix’, and ‘Orange Monarch’), 1100 hyacinths (‘Delfts Blauw’ and ‘White Pearl’), 800 muscari (‘Armeniacum’), 300 fritillaries (‘Imperialis Rubra Maxima’), and 800 allium bulbs (‘Spider’) which will bloom in May and June. Several thousand bulb flowers remained from the 2022 season and will bloom again in the spring of 2023.

In addition to planting bulb flowers and annual spring flowers, spring flower pyramids are set up in the city every spring. Meanwhile, the planting of summer flowers in figural flower beds, green spaces of the city, flower beds, and flowerpots will begin in May.

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