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Publish date 30.01.2023

There are different types of movement in nature when the body or object changes its location as it moves. With that in mind, in February the VIZIUM Science Centre invites everyone interested to participate in technical creative workshops where the visitors will have the opportunity to discover different types of movement by participating in practical activities led by attractive and friendly instructors.

In addition to the visit to the VIZIUM exposition hall, everyone interested is welcome to enjoy science shows and creative workshops. In February, the workshops focus on the topic ‘movement’ allowing the visitors to learn more about the movement and its types in a creative and practical manner, to find out how the movement makes the human heart beat, and how to craft a catapult and to build an air-powered car or even a robot. A new workshop content is offered every weekend.

In February, the technical creative workshops Movement will take place every Saturday and Sunday at 13:00. 13.00.

Tickets to the creative workshops, a visit to the exposition hall, and the science shows are available at www.vizium.lv and the ticket office of the VIZIUM Science Centre. More information is available by phone calling 66776633, via e-mail [email protected], on social networks of VIZIUM (@viziumventspils), and also on its website www.vizium.lv.

The event takes place as part of the project Establishment of an Innovation Centre in Ventspils of the Activity Innovation Centres under the programme ‘Science and Education’ of the EEA and Norway Grants for 2014–2021.

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