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Publish date 31.01.2023

On 27 January the State Construction Control Bureau issued a certificate of approval for operation of the object “New construction of a multifunctional service centre and landscaping of the territory in Gāliņciems, Ventspils, Kuldīgas Street 138”.

The building was built by SIA “AMATNIEKS”. The construction project was developed by SIA “SARMA & NORDE Arhitekti”.

In the near future, the construction contractor SIA “Amatnieks” will hand over the keys of the Gāliņciems Community Centre to Ventspils Library, where the project was managed by the municipal capital company “Ventspils nekustamie īpašumi” on behalf of the Customer.

Armīns Kleinbergs, Chairman of the Board of “Ventspils nekustamie īpašumi”: “We plan to open the Centre to the public in early summer. The furniture and equipment are still being made and delivered.”

The Centre covers 620 m². The spacious adjacent area has been landscaped with decorative trees and shrubs.

The Centre was launched on 19 November 2019, when an agreement was signed with the Central Finance and Contracting Agency on the implementation of the Gāliņciems Community Centre project with funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The construction works were completed on 31 December 2022.

The aim of the project is to create a cultural and community centre infrastructure, preserving and developing cultural heritage, while ensuring the protection and accessibility of natural heritage. The cultural and community centre in the Gāliņciems neighbourhood will fulfil the functions of public education, information and culture. The building will house the Gāliņciems Library, which, in addition to the existing library services, will offer the opportunity to learn about the preservation of traditional lifestyles and identity in areas such as the “Ventiņi” language, folklore, Latvian lifestyle, skills of ancient trades, literature and writing, preservation of cultural and natural heritage, family history research, and the use of digital skills and technologies.

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