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Publish date 06.09.2023

On 10 September at 11.00 in the Children’s Town and at 15.00 in the Children’s Park “Fantāzija”, we will celebrate Father’s Day together with the Contemporary Dance Studio “Skorpions”.

The event will include dance performances, sports competitions and family entertainment. This great team has created “shirt races”, “hot hat” and other relays! At the end, there will be a tense tug-of-war where participants can prove their stamina and team spirit. Participants will have the chance to win surprise prizes from the Ventspils Olympic Centre.

During the event you will have the opportunity to get to know the Ventspils Creative House Contemporary Dance Studio “Skorpions” and meet the dance teacher Inga Spodiņuka. This is an opportunity for those who want to join this group and start their journey in the dance world.

Admission is free is charge.

The event is organised by the Ventspils Culture Centre and supported by the Ventspils State City Municipality.

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