Dramaturgy, starring – Sofija Melnikova Director – Sofija Melnikova, Valters Sílis Performance artist – Kristina Rezviha “This is a story about how this war turned me into a drama queen. How to survive the course of the refugees, fear, loneliness, failed love and the breakup of the eight-year relationship? The play – the journey is based on my refugee memories, the story of how I found myself in Riga and the emotional twists and turns on the way to that,” says Sofija Melnikova, the play’s playwright and main actress.

“Drama Queen” NominatedFor the Gambler’s Night   awardSmall Form Performance of the Year. The performance in Ventspils is organized by SIA “Kurzemes filharmonija”.

The event is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Ventspils State City Municipality.

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