The Queen Music Show is a must see and hear for every fan of the legendary band Queen. The music project Queentessence brings together 7 professional musicians, which will make the audience hold their breath from the emotion. Unlike the so-called tribute or “commemorative bands” impersonating the original members of Queen, the musicians of the Queentessence project are self-contained in their musical and stage expression. They don’t copy or imitate, they live the story of each track together with the listeners, whether poignant like “Bohemian Rhapsody”, full of coquetry “I Want To Break Free”, or carefree “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”.

The whole essence and center is the charismatic singer Rihards Saule, who burns with his energy and temperament, charms with his charisma, natural theatricality and excellent stage sense. He is genuine and positive – a revelation to anyone who sees or hears him for the first time. The mutual understanding, interaction and musical temperament of the accompanying musicians and soloist Rihardas Saules create an excellent band sound and a show full of emotions.

Organised by: SIA “IDL Events”

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