Kurzeme Poetry Days in Ventspils. In celebration of the 90th jubilee of Imants Ziedonis, the guiding theme in Ventspils – “steam”. Poetry Days events:

11:00 Kurzeme Poetry Days. The Steam.

Opening of the exhibition “Plein-air Painting in Phlox” (works by the participants of the Pope Manor plein-air painting – Daiga Krūze, Kristīna Keire, Ieva Rupenheite, Jānis Kupčs). Discussion on creativity led by Dace Vašuka. Poetry reading by Ieva Rupenheite. Songs with the lyrics by Olafs Gūtmanis, the father of Kurzeme Poetry Days, and own poetry by Maija Kalniņa.

13:30 Kurzeme Poetry Days Children’s poetry – Iveta Dārzniece-Tarvida

14:30 Kurzeme Poetry Days Poetry in the Tamian dialect by Laura Vinogradova.

16:00 Kurzeme Poetry Days Andris Akmentiņš

17:00  Kurzeme Poetry Days. Closing event.  Poetry reading by Janis Vādons.  Readings by poets from Kurzeme on the rooftop led by Jānis Vādons.

The event is organized by: Ventspils Library in cooperation with Ventspils Museum, International House of Writers and Translators and Society “Siets”.

The event is supported by:

VKKF, Kurzeme Planning Region, Latvian Historical Lands, Ventspils Freeport Authority, Viesturs Tīle, SIA “Bucher Municipal”, SIA “ARB Pope”, SIA “Jāņlejas”, SIA “Molits”, Pope’s store “Citro”, PSIA “Ventspils Reiss”

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