by the pianist Georgijs Osokins and the Chamber Orchestra “Kremerata Baltica”ю

The youngest representative of the Osokins dynasty, pianist Georgy Osokins, has wanted to play both piano concertos of the brilliant Polish composer Frederic Chopin in one evening for several years. Georgy Osikin says about these pieces: “These two pearls are so different from each other and so poetic, unimaginably beautiful that every time I touch them, I feel magic and the conviction that beauty will save the world. The theme of war is strongly felt in these opuses – Frédéric Chopin’s experiences about the fate of his homeland at the time of composition are unfortunately strongly correlated with today.

It will be a special honor for me to play these masterpieces of the genius Polish composer with Kremerat, because only this unique ensemble today can achieve such a special sound and drama, which can rarely be found on stage in a lifetime.”

Georgy Osokins entered the world of music confidently, with active concerts and successful participation in various competitions. Latvian pianist, beloved by listeners and respected by professionals, welcomed on the stages of prestigious concert halls all over the world, performed in Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Hall, Onkagudo Concert Hall, Vancouver Playhouse, Berlin Konzerthaus, Elba Philharmonic, Paris Philharmonic, Birmingham Town Hall, etc.

He gained world recognition with his performances of Chopin’s music. After the final in the Chopin competition in Warsaw in 2015, pianist Georgy Osokin became a sensation, earning the epithets “brilliant, unpredictable and revolutionary” from critics.

gada maijā Gidons Krēmers paziņoja, ka Georgijs kļuvis par Kremerata Baltica rezidējošo viesmākslinieku – kopā ar Likā Debargu viņš ir pirmais, kuram 22 gadu pastāvēšanas vēsturē orķestris piešķīris šādu titulu.
Koncertu organizē SIA “Kurzemes filharmonija”.

The event is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Ventspils State City Municipality.

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