In Ventspils, in the theater house Jūras vārti” will feature a special concert program by Latvian rock veterans “Pērkons” and the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra, in which the band’s compositions will be dressed in a symphonic sound. For this programme, the songs have been arranged by the composer Andris Sējāns.

“The band “Pērkons is the rock icon of Latvia, composed of legendary personalities. (..) The long-awaited first programme will feature a symphony orchestra, but not any orchestra – it had to be the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra,” points out the LSO director Uldis Lipskis.

“This programme will differ from other similar projects in that it will feature a symphony orchestra and the band “Pērkons”, and not the other way round. Thus, we emphasise the word “symphonised”, which means that the symphony orchestra will be the ones performing the music of “Pērkons”,” says the band leader and author of all compositions Juris Kulakovs.

“To put it figuratively, I imagine this concert as a one hour and 20 minute great trip in a good, new and comfortable “Mercedes”. I expect that each “Thunder” song played will acquire new nuances and colors, which will be created by the symphony orchestra’s successful “Thunder” song arrangement,” says the group’s guitarist and Juris Sējāns, while the group’s soloist, Minister of Culture Nauris Puntulis adds: “I’m looking forward to the concert and I know for sure that Ventspils will hear “We feed on each other”.

Compositions for this programme were selected by the composer Juris Kulakovs himself. “Given that these pieces have been composed as academic music, they could be easily symphonised,” explains the composer, whose work is characterised by a combination of rock’n’roll and academic music.

In the program, the symphony orchestra will perform the classic hits of “Pērkons” – “Katų tautasdziesma”, “Balade par gulbi”, “Balletomania”, “Green song”, “Dieniškā zisma”, as well as lesser-known compositions – “Fly” and ” Tram”.

Organised by SIA “Kurzemes filharmonija”. The event is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Ventspils State City Municipality.

Tickets are available in the ticket sales network “Bilešu paradīze”

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