Publish date 02.11.2023

On 18 November, the locals and city guests are welcome to celebrate the 105thwpml_nbsp anniversary celebration of the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia on the square “Lielais laukums”. The legendary band “Jumprava” will give a concert as of 19:00. After the concert, the head of Ventspils State City Council, Jānis Vītoliņš, will give a festive speech followed by grand fireworks.

105 years ago, on 18 November 1918, the independent State of Latvia was proclaimed. Through the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia, the right of self-determination of Latvian nation was exercised. The Republic of Latvia gained full legitimacy after the convening of the Constitutional Assembly of Latvia in 1920 and as a result of the international recognition of Latvia.

The success story of the band “Jumprava” has been continuing for more than thirty years now. They reached the pinnacle of fame in the late 1980s and early 1990s, as they became teenage idols. The band is characterised by socially active texts combined with the use of modern electronic instruments. Their songs have become symbols of the time, including “Peldētājs” (The Swimmer), “Baltā” (The White), “Ziemeļmeita” (Northern Girl), “Šeit lejā” (Down Here), “Vēlreiz” (Once Again), and countless others.

May patriotic pride for our country accompany us both during the celebrations and in our everyday lives.

The festive events are supported by the Ventspils State City Municipality.

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