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Publish date 02.03.2023

On 11 March, at 17:00, the Theatre House Jūras vārti will be hosting the traditional folk dance concert I Could Dance. The Ventspils-based folk dance ensemble Liedags has invited dance ensembles from near and far to join in a dance, bringing joy to the audience.

The traditional spring concert to celebrate friendship between the ensembles returns for the 16th year. This year, it will be special in the sense that it will take place in preparation for the XXVII Latvian Song and XVII Dance Festival. The dancers of the ensembles invite everyone to enjoy the magic of dance patterns and the abundance of colours of the folk costumes.

Intricate dance patterns will be mastered by folk dance ensembles from near and far – the folk dance ensemble Kursa of Saldus Tourist Information, Cultural, and Sports Centre (instructor: I. Buša), the folk dance ensemble Venta of Kuldīga Cultural Centre (instructor: Z. Serdante), the youth folk dance ensemble Imuliņa and the middle generation folk dance ensemble Ozolāji from Kandava (instructor: A. Eimane), the folk dance ensemble Zelta sietiņš of Riga VEF Culture Palace (instructor: B. Šteina), the youth folk dance ensemble Tracis of Eleja Community Centre in Jelgava Region (instructor: I. Lejava-Majore), the folk dance ensemble Laisma of Slampe Culture Palace (instructor: L. Cīrule), and the youth and middle generation groups of the local folk dance ensemble Liedags (instructor: I. Liepiņa).

Ticket price: EUR 5.00.

Tickets are available on presale at all ticket offices of Biļešu paradīze and online.

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