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Publish date 26.01.2023

As of 9 March, the performance for the entire family so popular with the children – the musical or musical game of adventures Karlsson staged by the Operetta Theatre, which is based on the legendary book by Astrid Lindgren and the musical by Arne Oit, will be returning to the stage. Main role: Kārlis Rūtentāls. Soloists: Laura Purena-Kancāne, Tatjana Kalniņa, Sabīne Krilova, Anastasija Dolgoņenko, Elīna Avotiņa, Ingmārs Sikle, Adams Vaicis, Dāvids Loks, Patrīcija Kozlovska (student at the Alfrēds Kalniņš Cēsis Musical School), actors Elīna Bojarkina, Sandija Dovgane and others, and also an instrumental band with jazz pianist Madars Kalniņš in the lead.

22 April in the Ventspils Theatre House Jūras vārti

The Little Brother and Karlsson-on-the-Roof is an exciting story about the world of adulthood and childhood, about the diverse, colourful fantasy world we all live in. It addresses all those who have not forgotten their childhood and dreams, so all of us. Game is the key to this musical performance – who will outsmart and outplay whom? Can these both worlds meet – be it a game or fantasy, or maybe the game of life? Most definitely if both these worlds have something in common – a dream. A dream that started in the childhood.

Karlsson flies again and the adventures continue! Although the Little Brother’s parents have got him a puppy so that he does not feel so lonely, Karlsson is still a much better playmate, as he is always free, independent, bold, and ready for mischief. A game and improvisation have the same driving force – accumulation of energy and fun in both players and audience. ‘I want to have fun or else I’m out,’ says Karlsson. The creators of the performance encourage the audience to take part in the pastry party, play ghosts, fly, and have fun together with Karlsson and the Little Brother.

‘Karlsson is an exciting and funny musical game of adventures that revolves around a world with a mystery. Many have tried to resolve the riddle of Karlsson to find out who he really is – an imaginary friend of the Little Brother or a real creature. A real book of fairy-tales, as simply put by Erich Kästner, for children aged 8 to 80. We have tried to keep that in mind when creating the performance,’ explains director Valdis Lūriņš adding that it will be interesting for both the youngest audience and the adults.

The show was created by director Valdis Lūriņš, choreographer Alberts Kivlenieks, stage designer Oskars Dreģis, costume designer Juta Ķimmenīte, and musical director Madars Kalniņš.

Tickets are available at the ticket sales network Biļešu Paradīze. There is no age limit for the young audience. Children over 4 years of age require a ticket, even if they do not occupy a separate seat.

Ticket prices: EUR 8.00–20.00

Further information www.facebook.com/OperetesTeatris, www.operetesteatris.lv

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