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Publish date 06.02.2023

Bencions Mirvis will be opening his first solo exhibition Wood Turning Items in the House of Crafts in Ventspils on 11 February at noon. 12:00.

On Saturday, 11 February, at noon the House of Crafts of the Ventspils Museum at Skolas iela 3 will be opening an exhibition of wood-turned dishware by Bencions Mirvis. The beautiful, carefully crafted dishware is made of oak, black alder and even Canadian maple.

Bencions Mirvis is considered the master of Jewish artisan traditions in Ventspils, although he started the wood-turning relatively recently. B. Mirvis inherited his craft skills from his ancestors. Both his father and both grandfathers had been artisans – a joiner, hatter, and tinsmith. His ancestors came to Ventspils from former Sasmaka (Valdemārpils) in the late 19th century. The building at Kārļa iela built by his grandfather, where Bencions was born and grew up, has been preserved to the present day. Before the World War II, Akivs, the father of Bencions, had owned a carpentry workshop. From the age of 5, Bencions spent most of the day in his father’s workshop, gradually learning the skills of a carpenter. . His work biography is related only to Ventspils, and many locals know him as a man with golden hands. He has been interested in carpentry all his life; however, he established his own carpentry workshop only after his retirement. It is there where he created his first wooden dishware. The exhibits were created in the time period between 2021 and 2022.

The exhibition will be on display until 11 March.

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