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Fishermen’s toughness and Couronian pertinacity cultivated through the centuries have helped inhabitants of Ventspils to make informed decisions and work professionally and purposefully, bringing their city to previously unseen levels of development over the last two decades. What was once a place nobody wished to live in has turned into a modern, tidy, flourishing city with a pleasant and friendly living environment, sprawling infrastructure and a vast variety of cultural, educational, sporting and leisure facilities.

We have set ambitious goals and learnt from world’s best practice, acting out our skills and knowledge in the development of the city. Last twenty years have changed the community’s opinions about what excellent communications and street pavement is, what urban architecture and landscape must be like, and what high-quality social and physical infrastructure is. The wide choice of services at sports & fitness clubs, libraries and cultural, medical and educational institutions is a matter-of-fact. Inhabitants of Ventspils are used to perfection. If something goes wrong, they immediately notice and try to fix it.

Ventspils is a family-friendly city opening up various possibilities both for families living here, and visitors with children from other cities and countries. Harmony between the modern port, innovative plants and factories, and the beautiful and tidy beach that has been flying the Blue Flag since 1999 makes Ventspils a very special place. Harmony between the modern port, innovative plants and factories, and the beautiful and tidy beach that has been flying the Blue Flag since 1999 makes Ventspils a very special place

Ventspils is a city that won’t leave you indifferent! It is like a small country within a country. There is no need to travel outside Latvia to feel a breath of Europe – you will find everything in Ventspils where even time is counted differently and where flowers, in spite of rhythms of life dictated by nature, break into blossom earlier than in other places of Latvia, and holidaymakers can enjoy an easy walk along city’s cobbled streets. Ventspils is a capital of flowers and fountains; all over the city (even in electrical posts) you can find colourful cow sculptures, but streets, parks, squares and courtyards are decorated with flower sculptures, figurative flower compositions and tasteful flowerbeds. Ventspils is in unwithering bloom even during the hottest summer days.

Ventspils does not accept the popular excuse “It’s not possible!” We always find a creative solution to all problems. For instance, excavated soil after the street reconstruction was used to create an artificial ski hill. Ventspils is attractive in all seasons: the Adventure Park is for adrenaline lovers; the Narrow Gauge Railroad Train and children’s recreation parks are perfect for families with children; the Beach of the Blue Flag and dunes offer good sunbathing conditions even if the air temperature is just 15° C, not to mention the Water Adventure Park’s and SPA Complex’s pleasures, stargazing with an up-to-date telescope at the observatory and unforgettable cosmic impressions at the most contemporary digital planetarium in the Baltics (which is the only one in Latvia)… Ventspils offers all this and much, much more.

More information about Ventspils – www.ventspils.lv

Free port of Ventspils – www.portofventspils.lv


Dārzu iela 6, Ventspils

Dārzu iela 6

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