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Famous for the oldest organ in Latvia (1697–1701), which is located on a balcony supported by four wooden columns above the entrance to the church and occupies the entire end wall of the church room. Neither one nor the other object of the installation has been touched by a painter’s brush, and every visitor to the church can admire the balcony and the facade of the instrument made of yellowed linden wood. The organ remained unpainted and the wood carvings of this instrument today serve as a unique example of the carpenter’s and woodcarver’s work technique and craftsmanship.

The stone building of the church was built in 1694. The builder of the Ugāle church was the then owner of the manor, Johans Bēr (1661-1707), on whose initiative the preparations for the construction of a large-scale stone church began already in 1693. The construction of the church began in 1694 and was completed in 1697. According to the information found in the archive of the von Baer family, it can be concluded that Joachim Scheinek, the construction manager, played a significant role in the creation of the church.

It is a church typical of the Kurzeme region with a massive tower and a sacristy attached to the altar with a baroque interior and fine wood carvings.

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