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For more than 300 years old Landze Lutheran church stands near Piltene, in very picturesque place, on the riverside of Venta. Landscape around the church is supplemented by ancient lindens (total of 7 secular lindens, circuit of the biggest is 6.4 m – it was apiarist’s tree, stern had big masers). Landze church is connected with Rectory (former pension home building) by ash-tree alley; among ash-trees grows 2 m wide pear-tree.

The Baltic German poet and translator Kārlis Hugenberger (1784 – 1860) spent his childhood in the Landze rectory. There are ancient burials near the church. Former parish priest of Landze, theologian and historian Teodors Kallmejers (1809 – 1859) is buried here. To the southeast of the church is an ancient cemetery.

The church has baroque style altar, pulpit and sacristans desk made by eminent master of Ventspils woodcarving workshop Nicolaus Soeffrens. The original coloring has not been preserved. The interior of the church in general contains many baroque items. To the right of the altar is an epitaph (1733) for M. Henk. The organ with 6 registers was made in Liepāja in 1852, masters K.Bitners and V.Bauers.

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