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The Nature trail wraps around Bushnieku lake from all sides.

  • The length of the Nature trail is 8 km, and it would take about 3 hours to walk all around it at a normal pace.
  • The trail is landscaped and is accessible for cyclists, joggers, anyone who loves to go for a walk, as well as the bird watchers. The trail is accessible for wheelchair users.
  • Around the swampy lake there are 187 m long pedestrian bridges that are built, that finish with an observation platform for bird watching. The platform has benches and an information digital board with images of birds that can be found on Bushnieku lake.
  • Health trail holds 10 gymnastics stands that are accessible for all age groups.
  • Comfortable swimming and picnic areas, and bicycle parking.
  • The boat base offers boat rental.
  • For the convenience of those who love active water sports, walkways have been installed.

Download the map here: Natural trail of Bushnieku Lake

Bushnieku lake is unique with its location positioned about 10 meters above sea level, while distanced only 1,5 km from the Baltic Sea. The water surface area of the lake makes up 330 hectares, and the maximum depth of the lake bed is 2,8 m.

Bushnieku lake is a lagoon lake that has formed in the interdune trough. The elevation of the ridges of the dunes varies within 20,8 m to 23,6 m height above sea level. There is a nature park at the western side of the lake that is a part of the network of NATURA 2000 European protected natural areas called “Сoast of Bushnieku Lake”, that was created in 2004 and occupies an area of 49 hectares.

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