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2007. In August 2007 The North Kurzeme Craft Consultation Centre – Amatu māja (The House of Crafts) was opened in Ventspils he latest Ventspils tourism object is located in the oldest school building of Kurzeme Duchy which is renovated and now turned into contemporary object of culture and tourism.

As from 1849 to 1851 in this building, where in those days was located a district school, one of most famous Neo-Latvian and great folklore specialist Krišjānis Barons (1835-1923) had studied, by the House of Crafts you can see an unveiled special memorial plaque for him, made by sculptor Gļebs Panteļejevs. In the House of Crafts works and demonstrates their craft skills to interesents weavers and ceramists.

There is an exhibition hall as well, where it is possible to visit exhibitions of craftsmen works, as well as organize seminars and other events. At the souvenir shop visitors may acquire craftsmens’ products and souvenires. As in the building of the House of Crafts was located a district school, visitors have offered opportunity to visit a study class arranged in style of 19th century. If applied in advance, there is opportunity to participate in lesson conducted following the traditions of those days.


Adults– EUR 1,00 vai EUR 0,70 + 30 venti
Schoolchildren, students, seniors – EUR 0,50 vai EUR 0,30 + 20 venti
Family ticket (2 adults + 1-5 children) – EUR 2,00 vai EUR 1,30 + 70 venti
Museum educational programs (Ancient school, Legend of the golden brooch – the lesson is also available remotely using the ZOOM program, Paper smoothie, Potter’s lesson) – EUR 15

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