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Represented in the “Repository of Natural Rarities” is specially protected. The stone has hardly sunk into the ground. A horn-like overhang in the northern part.

The boulder in the forest of Tārgale parish, on the trail, is deservedly recognized as one of the most beautiful boulders in Latvia. Unlike others, it is almost completely above the ground, without hiding a crumb of its splendor, delighting with its huge size of 6.3 x 4.6 x 3 meters and a circumference of 17 meters.

This giant stone resembles a very large chair, thanks to a recess of about one and a half meters in diameter on its surface. Of course, due to its shape and large size, there are several stories associated with the boulder.

This is one of the few places where, if you can believe the legends, lived a peace-loving and neat devil. The huge stone was located directly on the border between the Curonian and Liv lands and the devil, wanting to distinguish the seemingly endless border dispute, decided to intervene. He carved a chair out of the stone, and sat on it with a large wooden stick in his hand, and looked, so that neither the Curonians nor the Livs cross the boundary. Thus, with his perseverance, the devil has stopped the eternal war, and even today the Devil’s Bench testifies to the strange work of a peacemaker.

The Devil’s chair is located near the motorway Ventspils-Riga. Ancient natural sacred sites. Kurzeme. Kurzeme

9QJC+58 Ogsils, Tārgales pagasts, Latvija

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