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Year: 1998 (Bronze, granite. 60x240x75cm (without base))

Author: Sculptor Olga Šilova (Born in Ventspils)

The horse became one of the central figures of the exhibition “Fingerprints” (1998). The first urban sculpture and the only work in her native Ventspils.

In the words of Olga Šilova:

“Every person has their own associations when looking at a piece of art. I associate it with myself. I think of regaining strength in a moment of fatigue – a horse bending down to refresh itself with clear water.

The image of the horse is universal, understandable, recognisable and undoubtedly positive. The horse symbolises honesty, wisdom, friendship and love of work.

The sculptural fountain has a form of sculptural expression that is characteristic of me – the horse’s body is not anatomically precise, but rather elongated.

Maybe someone will associate it with a pipeline. In a particular place, this association may arise. However, the work was created before the choice of location and I embodied the idea of the work based on modernist artistic values,

emphasising the decorative function of the sculpture, the pleasure of form.”

Territory of the Ventspils Oil Administration Building, Ventspils, Latvia.

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